Abandon Human is 50 minutes with no break. The peice begins with the public entering the space while Katie and Sharon are holding a discussion on the sofa.

Objects needed on Location:  A sofa and a tin trash can.

Objects brought By Katie and Sharon: small child’s blow up pool with water (water is used in the piece with minimal spilling), white bread with minimal spilling.

Katie and Sharon will bring into the piece other objects they find on site.

Floor and decor: preference is to remove (black or white) dance floors to reveal the original floor. Preference is to remove all curtains or coverage to reveal the original walls of the space.

Sound: The sound is played from a computer/ipod with mini jag through the PA of the house. Two wireless vocal microphones are required.

Light amount and types of lamps needed: 6 profile spots 50deg / 8 Fresnels 1kW / 2 PC-s on floor stands / 25 Par cp62 / 3 1kW symmetrical floods.

(The text on the site, the light plan and agenda with text sheet sent on request.