Abandon Human contains text in the English language. Sharon and Katie cover a menu of text that they have prepared however, they work with an open structure for this performance event.  It is not possible to use a translator or use video translation because they cannot give a specific text to translate in advance. However, the action and the expression used with their text is readable and expresses the core of what they wish to represent to public’s.

Three artists:

Performers/Makers  –  Katie Duck and Sharon Smith.

Light designer –  Emese Csornai.

Costs:  One performance €1,500  / Two performances €12,00 / Three performances €1,000 each. More performances in one location is negotiable.

Inclusive above the costs of the performances: Hotel (3 single rooms), Air travel (3 flights / 1 round trip Amsterdam / 2 round trip Berlin, unless we are on a tour) and per diems (three people).

Master class and/or workshops added to our performance schedules:  You can negotiate a workshop with either Katie Duck, Sharon Smith or Emese Csornai or with a combination of two or three of the artists when you book the performances. Go to the links on the artists names to learn more about their workshop material.

Master class (2 to 3 hours) €60 per hour / Workshop (3 to 4 hours / one or two days) €45 per hour.

Both Katie and Sharon can represent the booking of events.  Finale administration details are conducted with Katie Duck (The Netherlands)

Invoicing for Abandon Human is with Dutch non profit organization:

Stichting Magpie

Wilhelminastraat 139-3

1054 WC Amsterdam, the Netherlands

KvK dossiernummer: 34182907

BTW: 8112.78.062