The Artist Team

Katie and Sharon have known and worked with each other off and on since the mid 90”s. They share a fondness for keeping their pieces in real time with an edge towards an anti hierarchical artists role with public’s.  They look allot a like. Yet they are not related.

Click the names for more information about the artist’s and their backgrounds.

Sharon Smith:

My name is Sharon Smith. I am a performance maker and a performer and sometimes I teach and write. I live in Berlin. I am part of the arts collective Gob Squad and have been collaborating with them since 2007. I am a feminist. I often have a sense of being unrepresented in the-real-world-out-there. Language often doesn’t serve me well, words fall short of what I think I mean. Words serve to mask what it is I am trying to say. And because/in spite of this, I write.

Katie Duck:

I am a performer maker and teacher since the early 1970’s. I live in and love Amsterdam. I have worked with musicians, dancers, performance aritst’s and actors internationally for 40 years. I am a female traveling through time warps past to present day as witness and participant. Distressing events occur daily with sport metaphors defining winners and losers tucking our feelings in a pocket of our consciousness until eventually panic attach grips the spirit and anything social seems beyond reason. The human condition to feel what we see and hear is numbed, boxed away in the normal. Emotions are messy. Creativity is messy. My life my work is messy.